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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



Each grille is made-to-order and will come with a lead time stated in the product description. The lead time may vary from 1 to 3 weeks depending on options chosen such as paint matching and other options, and current order volumes may impact the lead time as well. Please contact us if you're curious about the lead time prior to ordering, or want an update on an order you placed.

Shipping to the continental US is a flat rate and will ship via UPS ground. Ground shipping times are roughly;

These times may vary slightly depending on UPS. For shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and international, please contact us for a quote prior to ordering as there will be an extra shipping charge invoiced to you. 

Orders over $400 will always ship with signature confirmation.

If you need expedited shipping or would like to use a different shipping carrier, please contact us for a quote. Please note that expedited shipping will not change the lead time of your grille.


Returns / Order Cancellations

Due to the completely custom nature of each grille being built, returns cannot be accepted, but in the event of the following, replacement parts will be sent to you:

If you one of these situations has occurred, email us at with pictures of the issue(s) and your order number.


In the event of shipping damage, there are 2 options:

The only thing you will need to do is send us pictures of all sides of the shipping box, a picture of the label itself, and how the grille was wrapped. This will allow for a claim to be filed with the shipping carrier.

For cancelling orders; each product is custom, made-to-order for each individual. It cannot be restocked and sold like a typical mass produced product. That being said, orders cannot be cancelled after 24 hours. Please be sure of what you're buying! A preview drawing can always be sent for approval prior to cutting out the grille if you request it.


Please pay attention the current lead times. Refunds are not given for simply no longer wanting to wait the lead time that was stated when ordering; this includes the lead time listed on the product page plus any announcement made on the website, such as a banner at the top of the page.

Warranty Information


Warranty only covers manufacturer defects - does not cover damage from incidents such as being involved in an accident, chips from rocks being kicked up on the road, misuse of product, improper installation, acts of nature, etc.

If the finish is damaged and not properly repaired, it will cause corrosion under the finish. This repair is not covered under warranty.

Warranty period begins from the date of delivery. This warranty only applies to the original customer and is not transferrable.



2018+ Toyota TSS Notice




All models of the 2018+ Toyota are equipped with a TSS sensor in the front of the grille. Depending on the model of your truck, this sensor is located either behind the logo/emblem or under the lettering (for TRD Pro models)

Several functions (but not limited to) of the sensor are to provide pre-collision warnings, maintain an adaptive cruise control mode, and even apply brakes if necessary. While the driver is responsible for all activities associated with driving, such as paying attention to the road, acceleration, braking, and more, the sensor is meant to lower the chance of a vehicular accident. 

In any custom grille we build to accommodate this sensor, a cutout with flush mounting points is provided at the bottom of the grille. A polycarbonate plate is placed in front of the sensor to help avoid issues with dirt, debris, water, etc. This is meant to mimic the original grille and sensor setup as much as possible. When installing one of these custom grilles, you will be moving the sensor from its original location by a distance of several inches. You should not install this grille without finding an authorized Toyota dealership to recalibrate the sensor to its new position. 

Driving without a recalibration can lead to the sensor throwing false errors, which can lead scenarios such as false warnings or even sensor-applied braking. This should not be taken lightly as this can cause injuries or even death to the driver and others. 

More information on the sensor can be found here:

Cutting Edge Offroad, LLC and its proprietors are not liable for any misuse, malfunction, non-calibration, or misalignment of the TSS sensor and any situations that may be a consequence of such. Cutting Edge Offroad, LLC and its proprietors are not to be held liable for any bodily harm/injuries, loss of life, or any costs resulting from physical damage to the product, vehicle, or other physical object(s). Cutting Edge Offroad, LLC and its proprietors do not offer any warranty regarding the TSS sensor system. 

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